Development of IT products

We provide services in the IT sphere. The vast experience of our specialists allows us to solve any tasks, perform projects of various levels of complexity: from developing chatbots for business, to AI, blockchain infrastructure. Over 250 completed projects, 30+ of which are for the international market.


We perform work of any complexity in various areas, starting from the development of a program or bot, to the development of a smart contract and the issuance of NFT tokens.

Your needs are unique. So contact a developer with experience in creating custom solutions that reflect complex capabilities in a simple way. Our experience in turnkey software development ranges from building system components to complete, ready-to-use solutions. With our knowledge of legacy development and deployment paradigms, our team can extend the life of software systems that are no longer supported and integrate them with modern data and applications.


Turnkey software development produces a software product that is designed, delivered, built, or installed completely and is ready to go. In the IT industry, the term is used to promote a system that can be easily configured and used "right out of the box" or "with the turn of a key". Because needs vary, the Smart Space Lab team can create or customize solutions to meet your specific needs.


Web development

Our customized web development solutions accelerate workflows, increase revenue, and optimize business operations from concept to code and from development to deployment.

Software Implementation

We develop a detailed, comprehensive software implementation and deployment plan, evaluating your needs to deliver advanced technologies to users.

API Development

We develop robust, well-documented, and easy-to-use APIs that enable flexible integration and customization of existing software products.

System integration

Our software integration engineers introduce new technologies and processes to overcome challenges associated with everything from architectural design to testing and execution.

Application Development

We rely on our industry-leading technology expertise to build scalable, flexible, and interoperable web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid applications.

IT Service

Our application maintenance and upgrade services are designed to ensure the scalability, performance, and sustainability of your entire software infrastructure.

API integrations

We create custom APIs for all types of applications, adding functionality to your software systems and facilitating communication between your applications and others.

UX / UI design

Leverage the latest technologies, architectures, and UI/UX trends to develop flexible and scalable applications that transform customer interaction across multiple channels.

IT security services

Our thorough threat audits help us identify the most critical vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, enabling us to implement the encryption methods and protocols you require.


From product conceptualization to system design and turnkey project development, our capabilities cover everything. We take the burden off your shoulders by meeting your complex business and technical needs. Three main advantages of our turnkey solutions:

  1. Extend the service life of software systems — with state-of-the-art systems and equipment, we provide increased flexibility and competence. We do the upgrade once, giving you the freedom from constant management and saving you money that you might have lost due to unwanted subscription renewal costs from competitors.
  2. Integrate old applications with new ones — with modern control systems and equipment, we can upgrade old machines with greater flexibility and efficiency. By combining several advanced tools, we increase the user experience and save you money on other licenses.
  3. Close collaboration between teams-Easy integration between our development team, our client, and other key stakeholders allows for better communication and increased productivity. This means that you no longer need to work in isolation, and training costs in different departments are reduced, as all teams can collaborate seamlessly within our single extended tool. With turn-key development from Smart Space Lab, you also get better analytics, which in turn leads to more efficient decision-making.


Simply by making positive and effective improvements, we have been effectively helping companies, medium and small businesses for more than a decade. Our team of qualified software and IT professionals has the knowledge and skills to handle any challenge and succeed in helping the end user use the app more easily.

We have more than 100 successfully implemented projects under our belt. Learn more about our capabilities and projects that we have collaborated on to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. Our solutions are designed to reduce your maintenance and application development costs.

Contact us today to learn more.